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WEBTALK is a new social media platform such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter … except that you will earn money by using it. It's FREE, fast and extremely profitable. Webtalk is in beta and we are all beta testers. The affiliate program is 100% free. The main goal of Webtalk is to provide Affiliates "Beta Testers" with a revenue of $ 1 per month per member on 5 levels for registered members before the launch of the final site, which allows Webtalk to thank you your support and help them develop the community. More importantly, it is expected that the second income generation goal will take place in 6 different phases over time, with the ultimate goal of achieving an average income per user greater than $ 10 per month. But that's not all. WEBTALK will share for life up to 50% of the income it generates with the people who register during the beta phase, that is you and your friends. For the record, Facebook has made 49 billion profits in 2018. Hurry up to let your Webtalk friends know that they're taking advantage of it, they'll thank you. As a "premium" affiliate, you will also receive commissions on user-generated revenue that you bring to the website or app (under development). Asked the registration link to the person who invited you

You will also receive 50% of Webtalk's revenue shared among members.
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