Easter eggs in Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

I really liked lol cat:

sudo apt-get install lolcat
echo {a..z} {a..z} {a..z} | lol cat

Hint: rainbows.

Back on the ASCII artistic vein there is toilet:

sudo apt-get installing a toilet
echo abcdef | toilet

man toilet reveals a wealth of options.

A part of bsdgames could be classified as Easter eggs:

sudo apt-get install bsdgames
number 123
prime numbers 1,100

but most are just too great to be just Easter eggs.

sudo Default Insults:

  • sudo visudo
  • Add a line Insulting flaws

Now, every time you make a password error, sudo make witty remarks about your intelligence or typing skills.

From Network World. All the others on their top 11 were already there 🙂