el capitan – Install macOS 10.11 on the machine macOS 10.14

I have an old MacMini (mid-2011) running macOS 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13. It did not allow to install macOS 10.14, so I had to order another macMini (used) (late 2012) which now runs macOS 10.13 and macOS 10.14 in separate partitions. Because running

$ hdiutil create -size b <.dmg-file> -srcfolder  -ov -format UDBZ

on macOS 10.14 creates a dmg file that can not be opened on macOS 10.11, we need to bundle our applications on macOS 10.11.

I've tried creating an image of the macOS 10.11 partition on the old macMini and restoring it on the new one. The system failed and reported that he did not have enough permissions.

I've tried several ways to download the macOS 10.11 installation program, for example. using the link on https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206886, but the AppStore of the new MacMini always tells me that my machine is too recent and the AppStore of the old MacMini just tells me that Mac OS 10.11 .6 "can not be installed on this computer".

Is there a way to install macOS 10.11 on my new MacMini?