email – Do I have to reply to emails that have arrived by mistake (very little risk of being regular spam)?

My name is quite common at home and my email address is {First name}. {last_nameName@very_large_provider.comfrom time to time, I therefore most likely receive legitimate e-mails sent to me by mistake. They are usually sent to {first_nameName{last_name} (the same without the point), which the provider interprets as the one with a point.

These emails:

  • have a varied content (for example, price quotes with furniture schemes, advertising material intended to reach a client, or even draft amendments to the law sent by an assistant to a Member for approval).
  • are written in my native language
  • do not contain any disclaimer relating to the confidentiality of information or any type of disclaimer
  • the provider considers them legitimate and usually detects spam very accurately (sometimes too aggressively)
  • almost all contain attachments (no executables or scripts, only Word documents and images)

I am tempted to answer these emails and warn the sender of their mistake because they seem legitimate.

Question: Should I mistakenly answer e-mails that have reached me (very low risk of being regular spam)?