email – Export a single mail folder to an archive file in Outlook 2016 and “mount” that back later?

In Outlook 2016, I have a folder labeled “2020” with my mails from that year, and want to export it to a single file. I then wish to move that file around (to an external archive HDD or wherever). If, eventually, I ever need one of those mails, I would like to open the file with Outlook, and find that single file – I most definitely do not, in that case, wish to import the whole archive back into my online account.

In Outlook for Windows, one can create a .pst file which acts like a local account – you can “mount” it, move mails into and out of it, but also close it and then work with the .pst file like with anything else.

In Outlook 2016 for Mac, there is an Export and Import functionality which works on .olm files. But it seems very limited: during exporting, you can pick categories of mails, but not, say, a single mail folder. During importing, the .olm file is not “mounted”, but simply imported, adding the content of the .olm to your regular mail account.

Is there a way to achieve what I need in Outlook 2016, or is the functionality simply not there? Do you know some kind of workaround? If it matters, the account is provided by an Exchange server.