email – Reply to all in Thunderbird – How to define the recipients as Bcc?

Using Thunderbird 68.4.1 (32 bit) on Windows 8.1. Suppose I receive an email with multiple recipients:

From: Sender
To: Me, PersonA, PersonB, PersonC
Cc: PersonX, PersonY, PersonZ

Reply All offers no options and you automatically get:

To: Sender
To: PersonA
To: PersonB
To: PersonC
Cc: PersonX
Cc: PersonY
Cc: PersonZ

If any of the following are required, these must be set manually. For a long list of recipients, this is tedious and prone to errors:

  • Option 1: To: Sender, Cc: Everyone
  • Option 2: Bcc: everyone

the Option 2 is especially useful because you can respond quickly and only change one person you need To field.

Is this functionality available in Thunderbird, directly or through an add-on?