Email Scraper Premium get "stuck"

Hello everyone,
When I "explore the loaded list" in the Premium Scraper Email plug-in, the scan is blocked after a certain amount and does not continue.

Different domains from top level and up to level 3. What could be the reason?

Same as the custom crawler (in this case, the same top-level domain)
Thank you !

Does it always stop around the same number of results? Its threads are probably locked, and this is probably due to security software or third-party software blocking threads.

So, complete whitelist in all security software, and then close all unnecessary programs. Note that I would like to whitelist the entire scrapebox folder and email cleanup plug-in.

Thank you.
No, it works more or less: the worker threads go to 0 and stop.
I'm afraid I do not understand the concept of thread Sad

So does he complete the list and go to zero?

The wires are just connections.

can you give a screenshot maybe?

(09-29-2018, 01:33)loopline writes: can you give a screenshot maybe?

In the attachment, you will find a typical example. started with 10 threads and now it is stuck.

the security software is completely disabled


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Thank you. And if you cut the list into 4 parts and try it, is every part complete or is some part locked?

Basically, this is either something that locks one or more threads, which can also be windows, or a list content blocks the scraper.

So, if each part ends normally, then it's not its content because it would remain stuck every time. But if a party remains stuck, you can divide it up to get a small list and send it to the audience. They will be able to adjust and compensate. Some sites do great things and sometimes they just have to build a job around.

I did a split each part is stuck

It seems like something is blocking the threads. I would like to make sure that you have the whitelist in all anti-virus, malware fixers and firewalls, then I would also like the whitelist in your router, if that's an option. In addition, I will ensure that you have a complete white list and not just disable them.

I would also try to close all non-critical programs, then you can turn them on one by one once it will work to see if they have an effect.

Also, I would give a reboot to your windows because sometimes windows can also lock threads.

Finally, also try disabling the real-time scanning of security software.

He is still stuck. I have tried different things:

20 sons
92809 pages 3546 emails

30 son
92973 pages 4527 emails

50 sons
78091 pages 5166 emails

90 son
67165 pages 3781 emails

90 threads (random URLs)
40118 pages 2643 email

Any change to understand what I need to do?