email – Would this approach to entice the user to be added to a mailing list be well received?

When the user opens an account, as is common, a message invites him to choose whether or not he wishes to receive an e-mail concerning the news concerning the application (modifications, events, etc.). Obviously, it's beneficial to stay in touch with your users via their inbox, but you do not want to send them something they do not know / enjoy.

I also wish to expose the user to our "Premium" membership. I've had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeliminating two birds from a stone and saying something like:

"We want to keep you informed." If you subscribe to our mailing
list, you will receive a free month of premium pledge of our

Would this approach be viable without negative effects?

I'm not asking if they would register, but only if it would seem hopeless or overwhelming, or have no negative effect on the user's point of view. Maybe it would seem unprofessional or strange, that's why I ask.