EndlessClix Your Place of Life – GPT (Get Paid To)

Hello people. We are very pleased to introduce EndlessClix (www.endlessclix.com) in the pre-launch phase. The official launch phase will take place on March 1st. Until then and after we offer a promotion to all to register. and start working with us.He's going like this.First 30000 members bigsmile.gif "src =" https://www.endlessclix.com/assets/bbcode/emo/bigsmile.gif "/><span> </span>who will sign up, will get 2 days of free upgrade subscription, a 30 cent purchase balance and a bonus of 20 cents balance.</p>
<p>Anyone who improves or buys an ad unit or simply adds funds, until we reach 30,000 members, will get<span> </span><strong>10% bonus on their purchase balance</strong>More surprises to come!</p>
<p>We created<span> </span><strong>EndlessClix</strong><span> </span>to offer a different and stable approach to TPC websites, the vision of a website that will be there for years to come.A solid business can only overcome the time with your help: the members.All together, WE ARE<span> </span><strong>FORT</strong>!</p>
<p>Once again, thank you in advance for your participation and support!</p>
<p>Sincere friendships,<br />EndlessClix team.
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