entities – Drupal 7.80: a new field does not show up on the page at all

I need help, as I am stuck.
So, I recovered a site from a backup. The old site is on Drupal 7.7. I upgraded it to 7.80 on another instance. Now, we need to add new fields to Content Types and add new Content. I went ahead and added a field as an admin. I can’t see the added field on either the old site or the new one for the life of me :-(.

What I have done so far:

  1. checked published (radio button checked)
  2. checked permissions (seems ok)
  3. flushed caches. I do not think it’s cache, as I am able to modify the existing field content. Moreover, I can delete the pre-existing fields and restore them; the page reflects my actions of removing and re-adding the content.
  4. Looked at the database: field_test table for the field ‘test’ is there. What’s more, that field has the same configs as the other fields in field_config table.
    Also, cache_field table data column for the content type with the new field does have my field in the JSON.
  5. When I check on the page in a dev console, there’s no trace of my field. So, it must be skipped during php processing of the content type.

What am I missing?
Thank you