Entities – How to enter the context of a node in a block to pre-fill the entity references in the node add link

Suppose I build a genealogy site, where I present an individual (node ​​15), belonging to an organic group instantiated as "My family album" (node ​​8). I wish to have a side panel block, specific to the type of individual content, with links to create new stories, events and media for the individual displayed, in the album or albums which it belongs. To create a new story, I think the path of the URL would be
/ node / add / story? field_album = 8 & field_individual = 10. This is a similar scenario to this post.

Assuming this is correct, how does the block get the context of the album (og_group_ref) and the individual (nest) in order to integrate them into the path of the link? I'm trying to do it via the web interface, not through programming.