entity structure – Deletion of each line and addition when saving in the database

I have a structure that looks

The person

ID int
Name nvarchar


ID int
PersonId int
Number nvarchar
Make nvarchar
Model nvarchar
DualSim Bit

One person can have multiple phones

For the moment, the logic that I have is that each time the user clicks the Save button, the application receives a copy of the Person object (which includes a phone array) .

As mentioned, the relationship is 1 to many. As such, when backing up, there is only one person and so it is easy to update the person (no need to delete or add again).

Currently, I delete all the phones associated with the person and add them.

The negative that I can see is:

  1. It takes more time, because you have to delete and then add each phone, whether there was an amendment or not.
  2. The phone's identifier, which increments automatically, becomes larger and larger each time this process occurs

I can not find anything to explain if my current approach is bad or not. Should I worry about the fact that the identifier is getting bigger? Should I somehow check the current phone objects with the ones I want to record?