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beginning: 18/11/2018

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Cubenomia is a p2p exchange of loans secured by cryptocurrency. In the stock market, there are lenders who want to earn a living without losing their capital and borrowers who need money to support themselves. Borrowers provide cryptocurrency for their loans, which is not profitable at the moment for selling for various reasons.

Cubenomia is a technical platform between participants and is the guarantor of loan transactions. It keeps the security deposits of the borrowers until it solves the problem with the lender. If the borrower does not repay the loan, the system automatically transfers the deposit to the lender.

The cost of the guarantee covers the amount of the loan, the accrued interest and also includes a reduction of + 40% of the loan amount, which protects you against a possible reduction in the rate of the deposit of cryptocurrency. In any case, the lender remains a beneficiary, and in case of non-repayment of the loan, the profit is often even higher than that of the repayment of the loan, the guarantee being estimated at 40% more expensive than the loan amount.

Short term portfolio
1.8% daily for 18 days
Deposit at the end
Limit: USD 20 – USD 1000
Accumulation: daily to balance
Total income: 132.4% in 18 days

Mid-term portfolio
2% daily for 68 days
Deposit at the end
Limit: USD 100 – USD 5000
Accumulation: daily to balance
Total income: 236% in 68 days

Long Term Portfolio
2.5% daily for 100 days
The deposit is included in the payments
Limit: USD 300 – USD 10000
Accumulation: daily to balance
Total income: 350% for 100 days

Commission of Reference:
4% to 1%

Payment processors:
Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, AdvCash

Minimum deposit:
$ 20

DDOS protection
SSL green bar
Custom script
Unique design
Registered company

Our deposit:
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