equipment recommendation – What is needed in order to produce good quality photographic wallpaper for a smallish room?

I am not a regular photographer. I’m interested in the idea of having a photographic harbour scene as wallpaper on my study wall. It may or may not be required fill the whole wall: I’ve given approximate dimensions below.

My understanding so far

An old-fashioned photo has resolution at a molecular scale and so, in my imagination, it could be blown up to be projected on the side of a building without noticeable loss of quality. Ergo, my study wall would not be a problem wrt resolution.

A digital photo is obviously limited to the number of pixels it can capture.

The printing process also has a limit to its resolution.


If I go along to my local harbour, what sort of camera do I need to hire or borrow in order to get a photo detailed enough to make wallpaper that will stand up to fairly close scrutiny?** Do I need analog or digital. What printing process can handle such large sheets?

Is there anything else I need to know?


**Note – The area in question is approximately 7ft 6inches (2.3m) high by 10 ft (3m) wide. I don’t want noticeable pixellation when viewing from 2 feet away.