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Project description:

ETH streams is a new type Ethereum Ethereum Smart Contracts Ether tap – a faucet that actually shares 90% of its revenue with users.
Traditional faucets that display banners and make you fill the captchas do not work:
it takes hours to earn even a dollar, then dozens of hours are needed to reach the first payment threshold.


Where do I start?

Your level determines how much you earn each minute. When you join our tap for the first time, level 1 is automatically assigned to you and you earn 0.00036 ETH every 3 hours. To get your ether, just wait until the counter reaches 0.00036 and click on "Claim ETH". Your 0.00036 ETH will be automatically added to your balance. It's so simple!

How do levels work?

At each new level, you gain a lot more aether every minute. For example, at level 2, you earn 2.5 times more than level 1. Each level has its own upgrade price and its validity period. So, for example, access to level 3 costs 0.1 ETH, and your access is valid for 18 days and 6 hours, with 0.000015 ETH coming out of the tap every minute, which means you'll earn 0, 39 ETH in 26280 minutes – a net profit of 0.29 ETH!

What is the maximum capacity?

The maximum capacity is the maximum limit of the ether that you can receive from the faucet before having to claim it and transfer it to your account. Think of it as a glass placed under the tap: if it becomes too full, it can no longer absorb water – nor, in this case, ether. You must keep track of your accumulated ether and claim it regularly.

Most of the faucets I saw were full of commercials, and yours did not have them. Why?

The majority of faucets are simply scams that claim to pay users to watch commercials. In fact, making real money with them is almost impossible. ETH Flow is a cryptocurrency redistribution project: all the ether deposited by users who purchase level upgrades (minus operational expenses) is reassigned between tap users. The algorithm is completely transparent: our development team has performed complex calculations to ensure the system's long-term self-sufficiency.

Reference Program – 20% of all the ether your godchildren win!
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Payment systems: Ethereum

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