exalted – Rules of interception of attacks

Scroll of Errata (2012 version, also known as the 2½ edition) introduces the Defend Other action. It does not Obligate an attack to hit your PC, but encourages enemies to use this opportunity if they succeed enough.

Page 43, Falling flowers, Live Shield Technique can squarely put the stylist on the path of an attack, by taking it "with force" (or by parrying it). This is a first charm in the style chain, so it should be easy to obtain.

Page 146, Scarlet battlefield style, Defense of fallen ivory. A prerequisite more esoteric and high than the previous one, but which deserves to be known.

Page 135, Prismatic Arrangement of Creative Style, Charm Redirection Technique. In case you have to bend the rules at this point, you will get an sidereal style. But it is very unlikely that you can get this technique.