Examples of material design at real sites

For inspiration I’d like to have a look at enough examples of material design for web sited and of that framework by Google (https://github.com/material-components/material-components-web).

I have been trying. Trying hard. But I have found only one example. And it is https://design.google/.

One example is for me not enough.

I try to google something “material design example”. But if I inspect the code of those sites suggested by bloggers, I can’t see any material design there.

Wikipedia lists some sites using material design. But I can’t recognize it.

First of all, I try to find grid classes. That is I find for “mdc-layout-grid” in the code. Nothing. Then I try to reveal any CSS grid at the site. It may either be absent at all. Or the number of columns doesn not comply with material design guidline.

Then I go to GitHub and try to find something there. There are some code really found. But it also didn’t help me find any good working sites to scrutinize.

Could you show me some: 5, 10, 20 examples of web sites using material design and that frontend framework by Google?