Excel 2016 if cell E2 = "QTR1" or "QTR2", etc. … (drop-down list) retrieves the data from cell F9 from the sheet 'name'.

I have workbook with a tab used to get data from 14 different tabs, each tab has a column QTR1, QTR2, QTR3. QTR4. These columns have questions from A1 to A 29.

I have 14 zones add data in their tab each quarter, on the main tab I would like to have a drop-down list CELL E2, when that changes, it captures the WTR1,2,3 or 4 data from each of the 14 other tabs and then place the right columns on the first tab.

I thought if I make a simple if statement in each cell = IF (E2 = "QTR1" THEN F4 OF THE TAB TAB = "Albatross F4I would then simply change the range of cells or tabs based on = long and not the best, but this seems to be the simplest solution without using too many formulas that will now be understood.

I do not know if v or h look up would work, because I'm trying to copy a cell from a tab to the main element dependent on cell E2.

How can I add my workbook so you can see it?