excel – Loop data validation list

What I want to do is to loop the data validation and when I find a match, select the data validation option. Below my code:

Explicit option

Sub Insert ()

Dim LastRow as long, I have as long
Dim str As String
Dim rng As Range, optional range

With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets ("Sheet1")

LastRow = .Cells (.Rows.Count, "A"). End (xlUp) .Row

For i = 1 at LastRow

str = .Range ("A" & i) .Value

Set rng = Evaluate (.Range ("B" & i) .Validation.Formula1)

For each opt in rng

If Opt.Value = str Then
End if


Then I

Finish by

End Sub

I receive a Runtime error & # 39; 424 & # 39; online:

Set rng = Evaluate (.Range ("B" & i) .Validation.Formula1)

Any help will be appreciated!