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Hello everyone! I am am looking to do a post exchange in the nature of the following for The Forum Fun Zone. It can be on going, there are several options, completely and totally up to you guys how you want to do it. Which ever exchange you do will be reciprocated on your forum. This is open to all forums so long as there are no restrictions on where I am able to post. Additionally, I would like an introduction made that doesn’t count toward the totals. You can edit your profile information if you want. I will return this favor as well.

Option 1:
5 Topics / 5 Topics

Option 2
4 Topics / 6 Replies

Option 3
3 Topics / 7 Replies

Current Exchanges
The following exchanges are ongoing:

Past Exchanges
The following exchanges were one time only:

Please state in your reply if your exchange will be a one time exchange or an ongoing exchange, and which option you choose.