exiftool – Changing Date on large numbers of scanned files

I have thousands of scanned photos and would like to change the EXIF data to have the proper dates.
I can do this all with exiftool, but am looking for a way to process the files after I have organized the files into groups by date.

I created subfolders with the format mmddyy and placed each photo for that date within.

I would like a script to do the following (Windows based computer, so DOS, powershell, or VBscript would work):

Step through each folder, take the date from the folder and apply the following commands:

exiftool -datetimeoriginal="19yy:mm:dd 12:00:00" directory*.jpg
exiftool "-datetimeoriginal+<0:0:${filesequence;$_*=3}" directory*.jpg
move *.jpg e:Fixed

Any suggestions? I haven’t scripted in years and am definitely rusty.