export – Image format change when doing direct Cut/Paste

I usually produce graphics with Mathematica and then use Keynote (I am on a Mac running the latest Big Sur OS) for post processing. Until version I would directly highlight the graphics in Mathematica, copy it (Cmd+C) and then paste it (Cmd+V) directly in Keynote; this would produce a perfect vector copy of the image which I could work on (looks to me a PDF). However in version this does not work anymore: as I try to paste the image in Keynote I get a message saying that “The image type is not supported on this device“.

Of course I could always export the figure to PDF and then import it in Keynote (there are however issues in when exporting, which perhaps make for another question), but it is a much less practical work-flow.

So, I was wondering if any of you knows if this change in the figures’ format stored in the Clipboard was intended/planned or it is a side effect/bug.