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Deepweb or Darknet? There’s differences between the two.

You’d be surprised, many people can easily access darknet through TOR browser and still don’t know how PC works.

The darkweb is part of the deepweb.
The deepweb includes all that information that is online but you cannot access it publicly. On the one hand, they can be conventional pages that have been protected by a paywall, but also files saved in Dropbox or emails saved in our provider’s servers.
The Deep Web is also made up of sites with a “Disallow” in the robots.txt file or dynamic pages that are generated when consulting a database. For example, when you enter a travel portal and search for a hotel in a certain city for a specific day, the page that is created with the results is indexed in no search engine, it is temporary and is part of the Deep Web, such as bank inquiries. and similar queries.
The darweb Many times confused with the Deep Web, although it is part of it, the Dark Web is that fragment of the Internet that can only be accessed through specific applications. Just as the Deep Web accounts for around 90% of the content of the World Wide Web, the Dark Web would occupy only 0.1% of it.
Pages like Diccionary.com define it as “the portion of the Internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines, uses masked IP addresses and is accessible only with a special web browser – part of the Deep Web.” Therefore, although both are hidden from conventional search engines, the Deep Web is a compilation of everything outside of them, including the Dark Web, which is part of it but is somewhat different.
Mainly the Dark Web usually consists of pages that have very particular links through their own domains such as the .onion of TOR or the .i2p of the I2P eepsites, but which you cannot access unless you have the necessary software to navigate the Darknets in which they are housed.
There is a belief that, since the Deep Web is usually in a way the part of the Internet not indexed by commercial search engines, the Dark Web cannot be indexed by anyone. But this is not entirely true. Ok, in Google you will not find access to it, but there are other specific search engines in which it can be done.
Some are accessible from the Clearnet, such as Onion City, capable of indexing thousands of .onion pages. There are also other search engines within the Darknets themselves such as not Evil, Torch or a version of DuckDuckGo also do the same. In addition, other tools such as Onion.to allow access to the TOR Dark Webs simply by adding the .to ending to the .onion domain, so that the web looks like tupagina.onion.to.