fastboot – Android will not appear as a PC-based device

in Fastboot mode, my device refuses to display on my PC as a device (to import things for example). So, it's impossible for me to run various adb commands (like adb shell ro.crypto.state; the result is always device & # 39; null & # 39; Not found)

The device comes from Xiaomi (Note 6 Pro). It turns on MIUI 10 (Android 8).

  • ADB drivers (15 seconds) are installed on my PC
  • The Kedacom driver is uninstalled and replaced with a "working" Google driver (version instead of; no internet connection to prevent it from self-installing again
  • USB debugging is enabled
  • The device appears in the console when entering "quick start devices"
  • The device appears in the device manager as "Android Phone: Android Bootloader Interface"; no yellow sign
  • When entering adb peripherals nothing is coming