Febbit – Mining Simulator – Proof of Payment

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How to start

Febbit essentially allows you to win Bitcoins by simply playing a fun game. Here, you'll use credits as the game's official currency. All you have to do is complete missions, upgrade chips and receive a payment at the same time.

To start playing the game, simply click the "Collect and Reload" button on the site's Minor page. Just like that, then you can start exploiting. You will also be able to check how much time you have left to extract the lower part labeled Battery.

Each time you raise your level, you will receive the cache that will contain a chip once opened. Chips are used to improve your miner so you can operate your mine faster and more efficiently. The inventory page is where you can see all the chips that you could unlock. Just click on each chip to sell, upgrade or equip it. A chip will not work until it is equipped.

1.simple to manage
2. No pop-up or other problem simply needing to resolve recaptcha at the time of the claim
3.bigger claim with more active because you need to recharge the battery to do the mining work (virtual mining)
4.without the time you invest, you can get a satoshi, but it would be less

the inconvenients

1.Investment in time and everything depends on how much you contribute

how it works

you will need chips and when logging you will get hash power later, when you use your level, you will get chips per level and you can use it for:
1. increase the power of hash
2. Stable heat
3. increase the battery life
finally, just keep on improving the chips to get more benefits or look for chips that have more benefits
here are some images of the site on the outside and on the inside

More game means more winnings

The main purpose of the game is to try to find rarer chips and then improve them to the maximum. You will receive a cache that can be opened for a chip once you have progressed. The caches also contain chips of different types and rarities. You can then upgrade these chips to increase the boost that they provide.

When you reach a higher level, you will immediately be equipped with more chips.
You will be equipped with chips so that you can make the most of their bonus.
Different colors mean different rarities.
You can combine tokens to create the most powerful combination.

Real Bitcoin rewards are waiting for you with this Bitcoin Mining Simulator

With Febbit, you can earn real satoshi every time you mine.

Get Real Bitcoin Rewards – Every time a block is mined, you'll be able to collect the rewards of Febbit and Bitcoin. The bitcoin can be exchanged on the profile page once you have exceeded the minimum threshold.
Battery Charging – The battery can be recharged to collect your rewards and extend the battery life with the chips to allow you to get more rewards.
Boost – Fleas can be used to boost your boost rate and the time it takes to earn more rewards faster.
Works even when you're away – Battery chips can be used to extend the operating time. You can extract for several hours, even if you are offline.
Open Caches – Get legendary rewards by opening caches, which will dramatically increase the number of tokens you receive.
Upgrades – You can upgrade chips to increase their boost.

Minimum withdrawal: 1000 satoshis (Faucethub Instant)


Proof of payment:

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