Field ux – How should I design a two-tier insert for a mobile application with a better UX?

I want to add the contact in the contact management. The addition of a contact is to insert two levels. Add a contact is level 1 and add products for this contact is level 2.

Flow for level 1
To contact the administrator must give the user name and the phone number or the product mapping if you want to give. (See the picture)

Stream for level 2
We must map or add a product for this contact. To add or map a product, you must select the product name and price.

  1. By default, there will be no template insert header only and the button will be present.

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  1. When you click the button, an insertion template appears and the button becomes disabled. You must now enter the value to insert a template. When you fill in the values, the button becomes active. Now you can add more products following the same procedure. When you click the "Product Map" button, the previously filled value becomes a label value. (See picture)

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How can I do better UX?

Problem – We used the "Map Product" button to add more insertion templates that do not feel good for UX.

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