file management – Are wildcards available in setting up MiXplorer AutoTasks?

I want to set up an auto-task in MiXplorer to delete two types of files that another application creates — one appears in two different folders, and another is in one folder but has different numeric strings appended to it each time it’s created. Is it possible to set a task for each with a wildcard that will work on either, like /internalstorage/$/.crap.tmp and-or internalstorage/backups/system/crap_$ (where ‘$’ is some wildcard character or string).

I tried asterisks, but that didn’t work, and tried figuring out if there was something to the regex renaming format that I could understand and use, but couldn’t.

I’m using android 8.0.0, MiXplorer 6.46.1.

Thanks much.