filter the target urls and the question of comments on blogspot


I am still learning the SER GSA and I have two questions, which are not really related.

1. Does the comments section of blogspot work? I could not comment on the blogger with GSA.

2. I want to filter the publications on the target URLs by URL / domain. Example:

– On a project, the GSA scrapes and submits the site to blogs, gold books and img comments.

– On another project, with different site listings, different keywords of scraping, comments from GSA and submits the site to more blogs, gold books and comments img, but sometimes and are on the same blog, gold book or img comment.

How can I create a rule in GSA Ser and tell it not to publish to sites if the domain is already found?

I know I can add more links per project, but let's say that each project has a link.