Find an Affordable VPS Host with Cpanel

Hi guys,

So after spending almost three days trying to "fix" my network of 16 corrupted WordPress sites, I call my defeat and accept the fact that I will have to set aside a week of my life to start all these activities . domains from scratch (I'm going to have to face an irritated parent, but that's a whole different story!).

While I'm going to make a lot of effort, it seems foolish to opt for another shared hosting provider (especially since I suspect that all this started with cross-contamination between neighbors), so VPS seems to be the next logical step for me.

I am not a computer professional, but I am comfortable with Linux and the command line / SSH. However, I would definitely need Cpanel to set up and continue to administer the sites.

My budget is unfortunately quite limited at the moment – I would like to shoot for $ 300 a year, but I hope to be able to spend more in the years to come.

Can any one recommend an affordable VPS host that meets my needs?