finder – Media Browser does not display any photo or album

I am working on a new MacBook Air running under the latest Mac OS (10.14.2). It has recently been configured with the help of Migration Assistant, from an old Mac Book Pro. I think this machine worked 10.13.

When I try to use the Media Browser feature to access photos from a file open dialog (browser download dialog, for example), I do not see any photo or photo album (see image below). I can see all the elements of the Photos application, which has many years of photos and albums.

Empty Media Browser - Screen Capture

I do not use iCloud Photos (and I've never done it with this user account):

ICloud settings - Screen Capture

I've also confirmed that the photo library is the system default:

Photos General Settings - Screen Capture

The only other advice I've found while conducting a web search is to wait – Apple's own help page says that the first time using Multimedia Browser, can take a some time to display. However, I left it open for more than an hour without change. I have restarted the Mac. How can I do this job?