firewall – Stopping "home phone" applications in a virtual machine with TBB

I have a virtual machine on which Linux and TBB are installed. What I'm trying to do is to make sure that other applications, such as operating system applications for example, can not 'call home' while I'm doing business. Uses TBB (not to mention malware, etc.).

I am aware of Transparent Proxy configurations that route all traffic via Tor, Whonix, etc. But I'm just talking about stopping tasks such as software update programs, analyzing the use of packages, and so on. certain applications).

I have therefore thought about what follows.

Create your own tor group with:

groupadd -r tbb

Add your current user (me) to this group with:

usermod -g tbb me

Use iptables to only allow traffic from this group like this:

iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT -m owner --bid-owner to determine
iptables -A INPUT -j ACCEPT -m state-state ESTABLISHED
iptables -P OUT DROP
iptables -P DROP ENTRY

ip6tables -P OUT DROP
ip6tables -P INPUT DROP
ip6tables -P FORWARD DROP

Then start Tor Browser with

sg tbb -c & # 39; ./ start-tor-browser & # 39;

Is this something that could be done or is it going to open security issues that I'm not aware of (maybe something related to NTP)?