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– I would like to present an opportunity to earn money, that is the Firstcoin club. Firstcoin is a criptovaluta that can be found on and on the following changers:,, exchange rate:, about 150 countries have come into the country one year.

FirstCoin Club Compensation Plan
FirstCoin Club affiliates are investing firstcoin with the company on the promise of a monthly ROI.

Sponsorship commissions are paid when members are recruited and also invest.

Passive ROI
FirstCoin Club affiliates deposit firstcoin with the company and earn a monthly passive return on investment of 3% to 7.5% (paid in Firstcoin).

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Membership in the FirstCoin Club is tied to a firstcoin investment.
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Reference commissions
The FirstCoin Club pays a 10% referral fee on firstcoin deposited by personally recruited affiliates.

If an affiliate recruits five affiliates, they earn a commission rate of 20% from the sixth.

A residual diversion commission rate of 7.5% is paid on downstream level 2 subsidiaries.

Pool Pool
If a FirstCoin affiliate personally recruits at least ten affiliates who have jointly invested at least $ 5,500 in firstcoin, they receive a share of the pool revenue bonus pool.

The Pool Revenue Bonus Pool is made up of 5% of the FirstCoin Club's investment volume throughout the company.

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Firstcoin Presentation ENG 2017

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