flash – Are there any 1/4 "extensions for tripods?

I recently bought a tripod with a maximum height of 156 cm that can be compressed to 46 cm when traveling. It is much more compact in the displacement configuration compared to real cheap flash media. It is also lighter and probably has better load capacity and much less flicker. Therefore, I thought I could buy another one and use a tripod as a flash stand.

The only problem is that the actual flash brackets can be set to hold the flash at a height of at least 200 cm. So, I would like to have a tripod extension of about 45 cm long. I think the best option would be to have something that connects to the 1/4 "mount on the tripod and that has a 1/4" mount at the top end where I could attach a flash. The 45cm long extension fits easily into the tripod carrying bag designed to hold the 46cm tripod.

A disadvantage of this approach is that if the tripod does not hold the extender completely straight, it will create a torque on the tripod head, but I think doing it as straight as possible could minimize it. enough value.

Does this approach to extending a tripod make sense? Are there ready-to-use products for this?