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Hello friends,

I am Ramesh, Affiliate Manager of Flix555.com. I am here to present our video hosting service.

Profit rate for every 10,000 views of your videoA flawless stay

about us

(If you want, you can skip this boring part) We are a team of a group of experienced people with over 8 years of experience in web site management and server management. We are currently on a European server, but after analyzing the origin of the traffic, we will add an additional server on the nearby regions as soon as possible.


  • No annoying ads
  • Fast Streaming Servers for all users
  • HD video encoding and streaming for all users
  • Video Player supports all devices
  • Simple video management
  • 555GB of storage (We can increase on request)
  • API available
  • Send URL remotely
  • Clone Upload
  • Torrent download available to a premium user. (We can upgrade to Premium on special request)

About our affiliate program

  • Minimum amount of payment – $ 10
  • Payment requests are processed within 24 hours.
  • Payment method – Bitcoin, Paypal (We can also use other methods on request)
  • No reward if the ad is blocked.
  • The use of deceptive / unethical methods to generate points of view is not rewarded.
  • Videos under 5 minutes are not eligible for our affiliate program.
  • Integrations receive 50% of the money
  • Views are counted 3 times every 24 hours by IP

I am here to answer your questions and support you regarding Flix555. If you have any other questions about our service and our partnership, you can start a conversation with me here, in this community or by e-mail. [email protected]

Sincere friendships,