flutter – Android Simulator Does not display the correct image during Landscape mode

Good day.

I am taking up Udemy Flutter course and have been following the turorial in creating the app within the lecture when I have encounter a rendering issue with the Android Simulator:

Portrait Mode

Landscape 1

Landscape 2

As you can see the issue occurs only on Android simulator (downgraded from Android 8.0 Oreo Api 26) while there are no reported issue on the iOS simulator.

I have place my github reference here: https://github.com/DheDeveloperUsv/FlutterCouse.git

Some Additional Changes were made in this tutorial, I have upgraded my Flutter to 2.0 when it was release and some of the materials were not yet updated. Perhaps it might cause issue with android.

I have not yet tested it on an actual Android phone as it is unavailable as of writing.

Any information that could help me resolve this isssue is welcome.

Thank you