Format Number with Custom Text for Positive / Negative values along with Currency Symbol, thousand separator

Numbers with Output Required

123456 –> $ 1,23,456.00 Dr

-1234 –> $ 1,234.00 Cr

0 –> $ Zero

here I want Indian Rupee Symbol instead of Doller Symbol,
Custom text for Positive Number “Dr” (Debit), Custom Text for Negative Number “Cr” (Credit),
Thousand Separator and Two Decimal Digits.

I am able to get One of result either format with Currency symbol Or with Custom Text postfix for Positive/Negative Numbers.

what I have tried so far is

Label1.Text = myNumber.ToString(“c2”)

Label2.Text = String.Format(New Globalization.CultureInfo(“hi-IN”), “{0:c2}”, myNumber)

Label3.Text = myNumber.ToString(“#,##.00 Dr;#,##.00 Cr;#Zero#”)