formatting – Data flow values ​​rounded or cut?

Let's say I have a data transfer rate of 999999999bps and I want to display it in a human-readable way by converting it to the largest possible unit with two decimal places.

Would it be better to display it as follows:

  1. | 1.00 Mbit/s |
  2. | 0.99 Mbit/s |
  3. | 1000.00 Kbit/s |
  4. | 999.99 Kbit/s |

It is interesting to note that the first form can, in rare cases, lead to confusing situations in my applications, because I allow the user to create filters corresponding to the data. These filters may for example be in the form of a range containing units, for example. 10Mb-1Gb or 1Mb-100Mb. So, theoretically, the situation could happen where 1.00 Mbit/s is displayed but does not match this last filter.