forms – User-friendly error message for invisible reCAPTCHA

Lately, we have been using invisible reCAPTCHA and, more recently, reCAPTCHA v3.

Both are hidden and do not require the user to enter a code or box to confirm that they are human.

So, when there is an error for any reason, the message is likely to confuse the user (as attached).

Normally, these errors would only be shown to a user if he had done something to trigger Google's detection of spam, for example if the form was filled too quickly or too slowly, or from an IP range known to spam, etc. like the same people sign up again and again to test a site.

What error messages do you use or suggest in this situation? Something generic like "There was an error while processing the form, please try again" (because in most cases, if the human user refreshes and retries, it will probably work).

Interested to know what others have done?

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