france – How to obtain a "Passport Talent" or a "French Tech Visa" for the founders of startups?

Disclaimer: This is my return I can be wrong on some points. Do not hesitate to ask questions or add your own experience as a comment. Together, let's build the missing FAQ of French Tech Visa

OK πŸ™‚ The journey starts here:

The first step, to qualify for a Franco-tech visa for founders or the "Talent Passport", must be accepted on a French accelerator partner program. The full list is here:

All start accelerators are not associated with this visa! So be sure to check!

Some are free, some cost a monthly subscription, others take equity and give you a little money in exchange.

My favorite is DNA x IFM
because you can apply any time of the year (this is not a specific date of the lot) and that it only costs a monthly fee, not stolen equity. The program is also at F station, which is a really great place to see once in a lifetime πŸ™‚

If you do not mind waiting for the next batch period, you can also try the Fighter program, free for foreigners from some countries,, or the program founders (not free, but cheap). )

Once you have applied to the program and once you are accepted. You must contact your program manager to request a letter from the DIRECCTE because you wish to obtain a "Passport Talent".

Here is an example of a letter I received for my co-founders Page 1 French Tech Visa Invitation Letter Page 2 French Tech Visa Invitation Letter

Make sure that it sends you a scan AND the actual paper version. Some embassies are difficult on this.

Once you have received this letter of invitation, you must know how to apply for a visa at the nearest French Embassy. It varies from country to country. Web sites rarely help.

The safest way to know is to go to the embassy without an appointment. Ask them how you are supposed to apply for a visa there. What is the procedure for making an appointment? In which building are you supposed to go? What are the schedules of the visa part of the embassy? How much are you supposed to pay for this visa? Which form are you supposed to complete?
Show them the invitation letter to explain what you are looking for.

This is not a normal visa. The usual visa agencies have no idea about this and some embassies themselves have no idea what to do.

What you are looking to do here is a "Long Stay Visa" "VLS-TS" (keep reading to get a picture of what it looks like, the Embassy will understand better)

Point is. You will get a visa that will allow you to go to France and stay there for three months. You will not get the current talent of the passport at the embassy!

It's just a first step that allows you to go to France and start the process.

Once you have an appointment at your embassy, ​​you will have to show them documents.

-A form that you have to fill (I would like to have a copy to share here … If you do, please edit it)

-Some cash to pay the visa fee (about 99 €, but in your local currency), the exact amount if possible (most embassies do not take credit card and have no change to make. )

-A birth certificate and a photocopy of it. Or something closely related.

-Your passport (they will take it if they accept your request)

-The invitation letter that I have shown previously and a photocpie of it. Insist on keeping the real one, I hope that they will allow you.

– Any kind of proof that you have the money to survive a year in France.
Either a bank registration where you have more than 18 000 EUR
Or a contract with a French or foreign company that gives you a salary higher than 1500 euros per month.
If this contract can be in French, it is a plus (as you will see later)

-3 photos 35 mm x 45 mm according to ISO / IEC 19794 – 5: 2005
(They can be very picky about standards …)

-Maybe, it depends on the embassy, ​​they will ask for a proof of address. As electricity bill (less than 3 months), or lease agreement.

Keep a copy of all these documents! You will need it later!

Once you have made the request and you have paid, they will take your passport and, two to three weeks later, you will have the visa to enter France.
It looks like this (important part in red):
Temporary Visa Passport Talent

This is not the end of the trip though.

Take in your luggage your birth certificate and all the documents you used in the first step.

Before you arrive in France, or once you arrive in France, you must make an appointment with the police headquarters.
If you are in Paris The prefecture in charge of the French Tech visa is located at the following address: "Place Louis L'Γ‰pine Police Prefecture"
You look at the 1511 office inside the building.

BUT. You can not go there without an appointment. And how to have an appointment? You must send an e-mail to this e-mail address:

Send them a photo of your passport and a photo of your special visa.
You will have an appointment within 2-3 weeks. (you can do it before coming to France, but of course you can do it after your arrival)

They will give you an additional list of required documents.
Here is the list:

A form to fill out:

Some obscure documents (more explanations later):

Some more obscure documents:

Let's review one after the other.

Form to fill out. D & # 39; agreement. Nothing complicated there. Hopefully they have a Engliash version that they send to you by email.

Obscure documents part 1:

Long-stay visa valid as a residence permit -> You already have it in your passport.

Proof of Civil Status and Nationality -> Your passport
your birth certificate. AND. A translation into French!

Yes, even if you have an English version of your birth certificate, they have the right to refuse … Any document (with the exception of your passport) that is not in French can and will be refused .

Also … They do not want just a translation, they want a translation from a "certified translator", for example. a translator based in France having the right to translate legal documents.

Any certified translation company would do the business. As long as they are certified in France. For example this company

Now, make sure you get a certified translator document that proves that it is actually certified.

Proof of home dating less than 3 months -> They want a proof of residence. Either a hotel bill + a hotel document or a certificate from someone who is hosting you.
If it's a certificate from a friend who hosts you, they need a document in which he certifies that he is hosting you. A photocopy of his identity card or his residence permit and a rental agreement or a certificate of ownership.

THE GREAT FRENCH HACK. Ask a friend to add your name on their electricity bill, this can be done online for free and with ease.
The next time he receives an electricity bill, he will get his name and your name. This document is legal proof of address and may allow access to banks, local schools, employment, etc.

All this should be in French too.

3 photographs of identity -> 3 photos according to the same standards (easy to do in France)

Proof of payment of the tax on the residence permit and stamp duty -> You do not need to worry at this point.

Obscure documents part 2:

Documentation de la recherche et de la recherche en l'environnement, sound, object and value, it innovating of sound project in France. -> French Tech invitation letter

Document likely to establish the recognition of his project by a public body. -> The same French Tech invitation letter

Proof of livelihood corresponding to the minimum growth wage corresponding to a full-time period. -> A minimum contract of one year of any company (French or foreign) that brings you more than 1500 euros of salary per month. Or a bank statement in which you have more than 18,000 euros in cash at the bank.
It must be in French or translated by a certified translator.

Once you have all this, go to Office 1511

After this appointment, there are no errors in your papers (please let me know if I have made mistakes)

You will have a temporary paper that gives you the right to stay in France.
By using this paper, you can stay in France as long as you want, but if you leave, you will need another visa to return.

After 1-2 months, your residence permit card is ready, you will be notified and you will have to make an appointment to pick it up.

In the meantime, you are supposed to pay the visa fee (I do not know how, I have not reached this stage yet)

If you can not go back to the time of the appointment. No problem πŸ™‚

They will keep your card for 3 years until you get it back.

So, theoretically, you could come to France, apply for a residence permit, and then leave. Then a year later, use another type of visa to pick him up.

Be careful though, you need an appointment to pick him up. Appointments can only be made by e-mail to this e-mail address:

The place is the same "Place Louis L'Γ‰pine Police Department" but you have to go to Office 5.

Once you have this card, you are ready πŸ™‚ Welcome to France

Okey, that's just about everything πŸ™‚ C & rsquo; is my current experience. Again, I may be wrong on some points where some points may have changed. Please do not hesitate to edit or tell me in the comments everything that has changed and needs to be changed!