# 1 in the media buying platform [Official Thread]

Multichannel marketing platform
[​IMG] is a new media buying platform that connects you to more than 100 traffic sources around the world. You will receive high-quality, high-performance, brand-protected traffic from leading networks of shared service providers. We also have a DSP platform if you need it for your online marketing?

We are working on CPM basic for native ads and display ads and CPV for popups.
Our minimum CPM is $ 0.10 and our minimum is $ 0.001.

You will have all the monitoring features available on our platform to guarantee the success of your campaigns.

Our advertising platform generates more than 7 billion impressions per day and global traffic in more than 180 countries.

5+ Billion ad opportunities a day.
More than 2 billion advertising opportunities a day for aboriginal people.
More than 750 million advertising opportunities per day for Popup / Popunder.

Get quality traffic from anywhere with a single dashboard
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Our self-service platform is one of the most advanced solutions for the purchase of traffic. Advertisers, media buyers, agencies and affiliate marketers can set up campaigns offering a full range of targeting options and ad blocks to reach the desired audience.

You can create a campaign with conversion goals, a programmatic purchasing technology that allows you to get more accurate results. Advertisers can take advantage of algorithmic optimization by setting conversion goals.

Securing the Brand with Fraud Detection Technology – Int Science of Integral Advertising Included:
Our advertising cooperates with Integral Ad Science, one of the leading experts in traffic quality.

Select the IAS Audience or Firewall Audience traffic to take full advantage of this feature. We also support Forensiq's real-time filtering, MOAT and you can use our own exclusive filtering tool, Norma.

We offer pop-ups, popups, interstitial ads, native ads, banner ads for mobile and display.

You are invited to register here: and start your first campaign with us!

Who we are:
The founders are veterans of advertising and advertising technology. They know what matters and what is needed. The team is complemented by multicultural, young and graduate innovators. They bring speed, curiosity and relentlessly challenge the company in what it does.

We are therefore very fast to adapt to our rapidly changing environment.

We accept all kinds of credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and bank transfers!
Payment terms for the advertiser: prepaid with a minimum deposit for only $ 25.00

We offer Skype support, e-mail or phone 24/7 to all our customers.

Best regards, Team