front end – List of all formatting elements available for .m files

I’m looking into generating .m files programmatically and would like to explore
different possibilities of formatting their content when opened in the front end.

For example, if you write

(* ::Subsection:: *)
(* See also *)
(* ::Text:: *)
(*foo, bar.*)

inside a .m file, the front end will display this as

enter image description here

This way, one can actually make .m files look nice while preserving their key advantages against notebooks (plain text, perfect for version control system, editing a single block doesn’t modify the whole file etc.)

Apparently, there are special keywords inside comments such as (* ::Section:: *), (* ::Subsection:: *), (* ::Text:: *), (* ::Title:: *) etc. that are parsed by the front end in a special way.

Does someone know, where can I find the full list of such keywords and their usage examples?