ftp – Copy OVF file from ESX5.6 across a network to a NAS File System

I have some AD2003 VM in ESXi 5.6 VSphere, Vcenter hosts. I want to move these VM to a remote ESXi 6.x VSphere hosts. I plan to use export and import the OVF files of the power-off VMs. We have a NAS that I want to use for the VM transfert. My question is :

  • After the export of the VMs on a local directory in VCenter or Vsphere hosts, is it possible from VSphere or VCenter to make a mount of a remote disk on the NAS, knowing that there is an already network path between these locall hosts and the NAS.
  • Likewise is it possible to import the OVF files
  • if it is possible , what are the procedure and the commands on VMWare system.

Thanks for your response.
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