functions – Reference multiple style sheets, delete styles for permalink pages, custom fields for

My wordpress theme will style publications on the index page based on their post-ID class. This will generate a lot of CSS code over longer durations. To make the site as light as possible, I wanted –

a> divide this code into smaller style sheets, but it should also –

b> target stylesheets only when necessary to avoid referring to all separate style docs at the same time, would consider a style for several months of publication (defined number of posts per day) – I can consider creating a style sheet for each day publication.

c> The index page style must be cleared for the permanent link style because the permanent link pages will be styled in a completely different way.

However, I am not a big coder and I do not know where to start, from what I understood somewhere in the following code –

<article id = "post-" >

I should inject some kind of php to take the post-ID class and match it to one of the stylesheets.

This would in turn require a classification of style sheets in a format where
post-ID-class and the name of the style sheet are relevant.

This should probably be done by checking the post-ID number range and matching it to the style sheet with a range of numbers encompassing the post-ID number.

Would my theory above go in the right direction or would you suggest a different method? Anyway, I do not know where to start coding this.

The other method I thought was to use a custom field (text field) to hold the class names that a function would take and add to the classes of the publication. I'm using advanced custom fields because I can not get the default custom fields to appear even when you disable ACF, another problem that I need to help solve the problem . Even with ACF, however, I do not know how to leverage custom fields, I've configured fields and field groups, but I do not know where to go next.

Any help would be very appreciated.