gallery – A good lightbox for a photographers website … using elementor or at least side

I am creating my own photogrpahy portfolio site.

I am looking for a light box that gives me a good quality display on the screen. It is more important for photographers than other people using images to make sure that the images appear clearly and that they are hired.

So maybe you can help me.

I need a lightbox that can work in elementor or maybe can accompany the content produced in elementor (my theme is OceanWP)

I need the lightbox to do the following ……………………

  1. Display the full size image when you click an inch of gallery, hiding the thumbs below.

  2. To have arrows on the sides, left and right, to move to the next image (or similar commands) without having to go back to the thumbs first.

  3. Ability to display the full size image in full screen so that the image is the only thing on the screen and all the content of the web page is hidden

  4. Controls to switch to this full-screen view when the single full-size image is displayed (something like the 4-arrow icon pointing to the outside) and a control to return to thumb view / gallery (something like the checkered icon). Ideally, these controls should be present even when the only image is in full screen.

I guess what I ask is pretty standard but it's also great for presenting my work.

Your advice would be appreciated.

I should add that the look I wanted to get with the EZ Web Gallery generator was impossible, but I could not integrate it to my web page (I could not use the part of the gallery of images with the header and footer that I used to define my site).