game history – What is the order of publication of classic Spycraft products?

Although classic Spycraft did not experience the same kind of abundant rule replacement that raged, for example, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5It bothers me enough that the books do not say anything about months and sometimes years of publication. The first edition Spycraft The primary bibliography includes the texts from the following list. This list excludes Treeware magazine articles and electronic material.

If the year below is incorrect, in what year was the product actually published? In addition, during which month was each product published?

  • Spycraft Spying Handbook
  • Game Control Screen and Agent Recording Sheets
  • Archer Shadowforce
  • Guide to modern weapons
  • The gentlemen's agreement
  • Archer Foundation
  • Soldier / Cabinetmaker Class Guide
  • Hand of glory
  • Pan Asian Collective
  • Fixer / Pointman Class Guide
  • Faceman / Snoop Classroom Guide
  • European Commonwealth
  • African Alliance
  • The shop
  • The 1960s
  • The most sought after1
  • Stargate SG – 1 Role Playing2
  • Fantastic borders2
  • Agency
  • Brain
  • US military
  • World Military
  • Dark heritage1
  • First steps2
  • Friends and enemies2
  • Living gods2
  • Hit Strength 71

1 This product is not an official classic Spycraft product but carries the Powered by Spycraft seal. Moreover, except for Hit Strength 7, the product has seen Spycraft Developers consult on the product.
2 While Stargate SG – 1 Role Playing the products are not Spycraft products, the line is classic Spycraft compatible, and the products of the line have seen Spycraft The developers are working on these products.

Note: Crafty Games now publishes the classic Spycraft. The Crafty Games forums host this identical question that has been encountered up to here with relative silence.