Game mechanics – 3D platform controls ideal for keyboard and mouse

I develop a 3D platform game and I know that this controller is optimal for a precise movement, but I do not think that players should buy a controller to experience a 3D platformer game available on PC.

I want WASD to move and the space bar to jump, that's fine (and SHIFT to squat me), but I'm a little lost for the rest. I thought JKL could do some things, but then that spoils the point of a mouse, so maybe one set of controls for Keyboard + Mouse, and another for the keyboard alone?

Here are my current controls for the controller:

Potential ideas:

Left stick / WASD – move (obviously)

Right stick / arrow keys / mouse (maybe + right click?) – camera

A / SPACE (maybe? I too?) – Jump

Triggers / SHIFT – squatting

(No need to worry about starting + select)

I am stuck
Stick straight – first-person view

B – Attack

X – diving

Y – Power on

Bumpers – Snap Camera behind

D-Pad Up / Down – zoom camera

D-Pad Left-Right – snap the camera 45 degrees to the left / right

I've tried to look at other examples (for example, a hat in time), but these games have a set of movements very different from mine and would not work quite well.