games – Looking for a visual solution to connect certain boxes in a grid where management matters

I have 9 boxes of 1.5 cm in height and width each. I want to place these boxes in a grid (for the sake of simplicity, let's put them in a 3×3 grid). The total size that my grid can hold is around 7×7 cm.

Then I should connect some of these boxes in the grid, in a way where management counts.

For example, if I get the following grid:


I would for example need to connect the box with id 6 to the box with id 3 and 5, which means you can travel from 6 at 3 and 5 but not vice versa (you cannot travel from 3 at 6 and neither of 5 at 6).

My connections should always be one-way, so there can be no connection between 6 and 5 if there is already a connection from 5 at 6.

I hope I didn’t get my question too complicated, and that’s understandable 🙂 I would prefer a solution that uses the white space between the grid boxes (I know that the & rsquo; The space allocated is quite small), as there will be icons in each of the four corners of the boxes.

These boxes would be placed on a card for a physical board game, so the end result should be visible when printed.

Anyone have any ideas about this?