GDPR – The website is dead without contact details – So, is this the responsibility of the hosting company?

Hello everyone. My first post here. I hope someone can help me? …

I am based in the United Kingdom. My public website has my personal phone number, which I would like to delete. The company behind the site is dissolved and the small website is dead, unmaintained, without contact details.

I contacted the accommodation company. The data protection officer replied:


We write about your request for data deletion.

The data concerned appear on a public website, managed by a third party using the OVH services. As a result, OVH is not responsible for processing this data under the terms of the GDPR. As a result, we can not process your request.

Please contact the publisher of the website concerned to exercise your right of cancellation.


Are they correct? The company surely no longer pays for hosting, so I thought that they would at least know about it and remove the website from their servers.

Any orientation would be very appreciated.