Generating addresses – How to generate a large number of accounts via a wallet and save the addresses in a file?

I work in a company that uses a blue wallet hw. They must generate bitcoin and eth accounts to send to users to drop. Currently, they have people who generate an account at a time in the ledger, copy the address, paste the address into our system. We need thousands of addresses (while keeping private keys safe on hw wallets), so it takes hundreds of hours.

I was surprised to find that neither Trezor nor Ledger Blue have an application or utility that spits account cvs on the connected PC, keeping private keys on the device.

Has anyone found such an application?

Ledger blue does not seem to have an API, but Trezor does. Has anyone found a way to do something like this through the Trezor app?

We could easily write a program to generate thousands of portfolios and run it on a new PC that has never been connected to the network, but that will not allow us, unfortunately, to use the hw wallet to keep private keys .