Geolocation – Geolocation in Ionic does not work on Android

I'm using the plugin:

As part of the project, I created a simple example:


My position


// Called by a button
start ()
this.geolocation.getCurrentPosition (opts) .then ((resp: any) => {
console.log ("result:", resp.coords);
}). catch ((err: any) => {
console.log ('ERROR:', err);

No iOS it works perfectly, the console.log emits something like:

result: {
latitude: -0000000000,
longitude: -0000000000,
accurate: 165,
altitude: 5.00000,
heading: -1,
speed: -1,
altitudeAccurary: 10

On Android, neither the error message that I receive, nor even the message Timeout, but only an empty object:


I test the application on a real Android device (I have tested it on multiple devices). In "Settings> Location", the application appears as allowed.

What can it be?